Posted by: alaskaVeg*n | April 14, 2008

Weekend Baking

So – I spent a little time baking this weekend. My problem is not finding time to cook, but rather finding people to eat all the things I want to cook. While this may seem absurd, 24 cupcakes and 1 cake is a huge quantity of sweet product. Anyhoo – the masses will have to soldier on…

I made two selections from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World: Banana Split Cupcakes and Coconut Lime Cupcakes. The Banana Split cupcake was only modified slightly from the original. It was a banana cupcake but I swirled grapefruit preserves and chocolate powder and omitted the sugar. Omitting the sugar may seem weird, but the banana was sweet enough to pull it off and the frosting more than compensated for any missing sweetness. Since no-one is reading this blog I can be honest and say it wasn’t an attempt to health-up this recipe, I just absolutely forgot to add it =) I topped the cupcake with peanut butter frosting, walnuts and chocolate ganache.

The Coconut Lime cupcakes had a lime frosting with shredded coconut and lime slices, and for the most part stayed true to the original recipe insomuch as I ever do. I am not really big on measuring everything precisely and I tend to taste as I go adding and subtracting flavors willy-nilly. I go by the eyeball school of measure: as I pour baking soda/powder and vanilla in I try to imagine if it equals a teaspoon. Surprisingly this method has worked for me pretty well.

I also adapted a rich chocolate cake from the PPK. I swapped the 1 cup of soy milk the recipe called for with 1/2 cup Kahlua and 1/2 cup French Vanilla Soy Creamer. I also added almond extract . I paired the cake with a Kahlua Almond Frosting, almond sprinkles and drizzles of chocolate ganache. I made the chocolate ganache by pairing a handful of vegan chocolate chips and a drizzle of soy milk in the microwave for 20 seconds and then I drizzled it on any dessert I could reach. I am not really a big chocolate fanatic, but from the muted grunting as the cake was consumed, I think it was enjoyed!

Apologies for the slightly fuzzy photos – I will try to do better next time!

Kahlua Chocolate Cake with Kahlua Almond Frosting


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