Posted by: alaskaVeg*n | April 29, 2008

Seitan au Poivre

O.M.G….. These were freaking fantastic!!!  I found a veganized version of Anthony Bourdains recipe at Vegan Appetite.  The recipe looks really hard and long, but it cooks up pretty dang fast and flew off the table faster than I could put them on it. 


I served it with a side of watercress salad with curry miso vinaigrette.  It was a light and zesty side that was a great compliment.


There was not much left over, but I sliced up the Seitan for leftovers on day 2 and IT WAS EVEN BETTER!!!!!!  I made an adapted version of Wolfie’s Pasta Salad in La Dolce Vegan – also yummy.  I’m going to have to start running more to keep up with all the eating=)




  1. oh wow! the Seitan au Poivre looks soooooo good! and the curry miso dressing sounds just delightful! mmmmmmmmm! your picture’s look great! 🙂

  2. Thanks! It was really good, and much easier than I thought when I first read the recipe. I am going to try some more of the Bourdain translations =)

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