Posted by: alaskaVeg*n | June 3, 2008

Unusual Salad

The most beautiful salad I’ve ever made!!! It tasted pretty good too =) It’s all raw and extra delicious. Rainbow Chard, Beets (yep – raw and julienned in the food processor), red cabbage, oregano, basil, parsley, celtic sea salt and cracked pepper. The dressing started as an Ani Phyo dressing, but then morphed into something else. I started two different dressings and put them together with a dash of this and a pinch of that. In the end it was fantastic! It is made in the blender with raw apple, ginger, onion, spices and seasonings and sunflower seeds. The result is a creamy sunflower seed dressing that is light and refreshing and really compliments the salad well.



  1. the salad looks so colorful and really super tasty! i just picked up some raw sunflower seeds last night – think i’m going to use some for a dressing, too! this sounds awesome!

  2. It was a great dressing!

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