Posted by: alaskaVeg*n | June 10, 2008

Stuffed Peppers and More Pretty Salad

I went with a recipe I picked up from Happy Vegan Face – Stuffed Peppers. I mostly followed her delicious recipe. I reduced some ingredients & upped a few others. It made a crazy amount of food, but the family was up to the challenge – we’re not quitters around here =) The only down side to this recipe was due to my carelessness. I KNOW that when I cut hot peppers any part of my skin that is in contact with the pepper will burn for DAYS…… and yet…….. I still cut them up without gloves and then touched various parts of my face… DUMB! My lips were burning so much I ended up eating 3 popsicles and an ice cube while googling how to make my lips stop burning =) There were various offerings, but rubbing baking soda into them seemed to work the best. The burning stopped instantly and I was able to resume normal duties. The one thing that struck me from this whole experience is that baking soda is the saltiest stuff ever (after salt of course.) I guess I’ve never tasted straight baking soda, and the ingredient (sodium bicarbonate) didn’t give it away until I tasted the salt. I must be mental – I burned my hands & face all to heck making dinner and all I remember is that baking soda is salty =) Burning face aside, the recipe is great and it was paired with a delicious, fresh salad.



  1. aaaaaaack! i have done the same thing with hot peppers before, too! last time i touched my nose with my hand – it burned for hours and i was a sniffling for the rest of the evening! i’m glad you liked the recipe – and yes – it does make for a ton of food! i love me some leftovers though. your salad looks so fresh & tasty! mmmmmm! i need more salads in my life. are those shredded beets i see in that salad? i really need to try that sometime, too! mmmmmmmm!

    everything looks so yummy!

  2. Yes – not a big fan of the jalapeno face burn =) It was a great recipe that I will definitely make again – thank you for sharing it!

    Those ARE shredded beets (good eyes). I’ve started sending them through the food processor & sprinkling on the salad. I thought it might be really weird, but it tastes great in the salad!

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