Posted by: alaskaVeg*n | June 23, 2008


It was pretty hot (relatively speaking) here in the land of the midnight sun this weekend. After a good bit of time outside in the 24 hour a day sun, sorbet was definitely on the brain. First up: I had a watermelon that looked great, but turned out to be too mealy for my liking. Usually I toss it on the compost in disgust while muttering about the $52.00 a pound it cost me to buy it. Today, however I was hit with inspiration on two fronts. I discovered (either because a: I am a genius, or b: I dropped a piece on the floor – that will be for you to decide) that my matching set of dogs LOVE watermelon…

AND – I took the remaining piece, cut it into smaller chunks, tossed in the freezer and then blended it up into the best watermelon sorbet I’ve ever had. Okay – the only watermelon sorbet, but I still stand behind my initial declaration.. also the best =)

Next up, I went a traditional route with the strawberries. I boiled 1 cup water and 1/3 cup sucanat for about 3 minutes. Then I added pureed strawberries and a squirt of lemon and boiled for another couple of minutes. The whole concoction went into the freezer. Right before serving, I blended again. MMMmmmm!!!!

Finally, I took some left-over Cashew Banana Ice Cream and added fresh pineapple, mango and papaya. Blended it all, tossed it back in the freezer until serving. Wow! It was sooooo goood!!!



  1. Wow all of the sorbets and ice cream looks so refreshing!

    I’ve been eager to make homemade ice cream… I may just have to do it really soon! Watermelon sorbet sounds so good, especially since I love watermelon, but haven’t had any yet this summer!

  2. It turns out to be easy and delicious!!! I probably should get one of the ice cream makers for more authentic ice cream, but the sorbet doesn’t need it.

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